It's BETA February 2019

Calling all IELTS English writing students! Sign up now and be friends with instant benefits. You will get 70 free credits plus ... one essay graded by our human markers in March.

In March 2019 , you decide on the amount of feedback you want and come back for more anytime.

We don’t ask for monthly subscriptions. Buy what you need, when you need help. We will keep your account and
you will always be welcome back.

** Human grading starts in March 2019

Students joining our Beta program can only access Online feedback for Feb 2019. Human grading starts in March with a Premium plan.

What you get when you join GoScribo

A simple Credit system drives your usage in GoScribo. You can use credits for online full text checks or hand in your work for a real human to give you feedback and an estimate of your CEFR writing level.

Lots of essay topics

There are lots of essay topics at both General and Academic levels for you to practice answering. Every activity has a writing scaffold to guide you and help build your writing skills.

Instant Feedback

Our single mission is to give students the excellent feedback to grow their writing skills. GoScribo identifies and delivers feedback really well. It’s online, instant and personalised to your writing level.

Integrated Help

Help is one click away. You will never feel alone writing again. Help contains guidance, ideas, suggestions and is live inside your writing space.

Am I Ready for my test?

Many students want validation of their writing level from a qualified human. Once submitted, we have a quick turnaround and great feedback. Everything, including your level estimate is delivered online for you to review.

Feedback in your language

Students tell us that  feedback is best explained in their native language. GoScribo delivers feedback in English and your native language. We don’t want you to miss the message contained in our feedback. (Human marking feedback is only available in English)

Badges and Evidence

As you progress through levels, we send you badges to include in your online presence and social networks. Huge efforts should be celebrated and awarded. 

In April 2019, we will turn on learning ledger to validate your progress. All records entered now will be included.



GoScribo has a simple mission. We want you to have the best feedback and insights into how to improve your writing.

How does the free trial work?

Register to get two complete writing checks. Pick from a range of essay topics at either general or academic levels. Enter your response into GoScribo, (you can cut and paste your text from anywhere) and submit your essay. In seconds you have online feedback and suggestions for correction and guidance.

How does Human grading work?

Anytime you want one of our English experts to grade your text, give you extra feedback and estimate your level, you can submit your text online. You need to have 20 – full $1 credits in your account to do this. Our turnaround in within 24 hours. Your feedback and level will be online in your account.

Earn Referral bonus Credits ? - How?

Every Premium subscriber gets a Referral code to share with friends. When friends or colleagues register with this code and purchase a Premium based Plan, you receive 3 full $1 credits.
Up to a maximum of 5 referral sign ups, you can earn 60 writing checks just by sharing the news about GoScribo’s awesome writing feedback. 

Can I cancel at any time?

GoScribo is not a monthly subscription. You buy what you need and use it anytime you like. If you want to share your email address and account with a friend, we dont mind. They are your Credits to spend!

What writing levels do you support?

GoScribo is designed for any level of student writing. Students who are preparing for IELTS usually start with us from Levels 4 – 9 

How does the Credit system work?

We purposely made this simple. When you buy a Credit pack you get a number of credits, and a bonus for buying a Plan. You can use your Credits for any service. A full writing check is .25 Credits, a human grade is 20 x $1.00 Credits. 

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