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GoScribo is an online writing improvement platform for students preparing for IELTS and other English written Language Tests.  Writing scaffolds guide your writing. All your work and feedback is saved online for you to look back on at anytime.

2. Get instant online, personalised feedback

Excellent feedback helps every student  improve core writing skills. Refresh feedback in seconds. We highlight where you can improve your approach and what to fix first. 

Starting in May 2019, feedback is available in multiple languages. Feedback you can understand is so important to your progress.

I love GoScribo because it helps me improve my writing skills. Instant feedback tells me where I should focus and where my main problems are.  GoScribo also saves me money because I now know when I am ready to take the test.


IELTS Student

Instant feedback on your writing.

More practice and good feedback are the most important inputs to improve writing. When feedback is personalised, it makes an even bigger impact.

We asked IELTS Students what kind of support would help them improve their writing. The number 1 response was “I want more detailed feedback on my writing while I practice.” Waiting days for general feedback does not help anyone.

IELTS Writing Check is a specialised online feedback companion for IELTS students. As students submit their text, detailed feedback on where writing skills and styles need improvement is created..

All feedback is personalised to match your writing level. You can even get feedback in your native language!

IELTS Writing Check helps you to write better!


Are you ready for your test?

Writing Levels

Practice General and Advanced IELTS writing online. There are many topics and questions available, all with guided writing scaffolds to help you stay on track.

Sentences / Cohesion

GoScribo shows you where  sentences and cohesion strategies could make a big difference. The advice is great!


GoScribo highlights paragraphing issues. Feedback is segmented into a paragraph context so you can  focus on where to improve.


From March 2019, writing check delivers instant feedback  in three languages (more coming). We want you to really understand the advice and feedback we give you.

Grammar and Spelling

GoScribo checks all  grammar, spelling and punctuation, highlighting errors,  suggestions, explanations and alternatives.


GoScribo analyses the words you use and suggests a broader and more advanced range of suitable words.

Stay on Topic

GoScribo checks if you answered the question, offering a range of alternate words that could fit into your topic analysis.

Help online

Targeted help is online. Help yourself to a great library of linked resources.

Human Review

If you think you are ready to sit your test, hand in your work for a teacher estimate before you go. You will save time and money!

Get better at writing by writing more often, with better guidance

Everyone knows that to get better at writing, you need to keep writing. The more encouragement and instant feedback you get, the more you practice. Writing without feedback is lonely.

GoScribo has a library of many questions for you to choose from across General and Academic levels. Each one has an online scaffold to guide your writing.  GoScribo works side by side with you as you write.

Get support as you write with complete writing  scaffolds prompting you.

Great guidance advice is ready for you to use as you plan your approach. When you are ready, you can hide the scaffold, turn on the timer and practice for the test in live conditions.

You can always come back to the scaffold for more guidance.

Are you ready for your test? Find out with GoScribo instant feedback.

The biggest improvements in writing come from good feedback

When you are learning to write in English, too much feedback is too much to deal with. You can’t fix everything quickly or at once. GoScribo identifies your biggest writing challenges so you can measure improvement and move forwards, one step at a time.

Achieve your goals

If you want a teacher to grade your work, hand your text in to our marking panel. You get a full report both in PDF and online and great feedback from an experienced marker.

Our teachers will deliver you a personalised report in PDF within a day of you handing the text in to us.  The next time you write in GoScribo you will see the last feedback teachers gave you, so you can avoid making the same mistakes, again. 

Pass your text directly to our teacher marking team

When students are near to  an examination date , they want to know “Am I ready?”

Our expert English marking team will give you an honest view of your writing level and what areas you need to work on before test day. You get a full report and access online.

GoScribo has helped lift my writing scores by 1 IELTS band! I simply followed the feedback.

It’s the simple things that matter the most , when you know what they are. The feedback I get from GoScribo lets me know where I should focus my time and where to stop making the same mistakes.

Telma Pinto

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