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Scribo helps universities and colleges improve the academic writing skills of students  by making a learning connection with them wherever they are.

An absolutely crucial universal truth is being overlooked: The power of effective written communication skills.

Build student connections

Each year over 300 million students study formal English qualifications to expand their future education horizon. Over 70% lack connection to feedback needed to extend critical writing skills requisite for success in higher education

No extra resources needed

Universities and colleges must continually do more with less. Unleashing technology for borderless learning are two of the AIE 2025 game changers needed to meet future education demands. Scribo builds borderless capabilities on a scale platform.

Immediately extend capacity

Colleges and Universities use Scribo to supplement their tuition and get faster feedback to students. Less grading time means more time for teachers to teach and personalise interactions with students. All feedback is delivered online.

Build a cloud campus to extend student capabilities

Everyone knows that for students to get better at writing, they need practice, guidance and feedback. Feedback and guidance need a supply of supporting resources that Universities and Colleges don’t have available at scale and on demand.

Scribo delivers universities and colleges a cloud campus to help students grow academic writing capabilities and connect with quality feedback and guidance with no extra resources needed.

Track learning, grow connections, build learning credentials

Scribo tracks every interaction with students, recording progress in a learning continuum. We call this a Learning Ledger. Ledger is available for every student as a credential and evidence trail of practice and learning growth.

The data Scribo collects about each student’s writing skills, helps to  connect students to further study assistance and guidance. Grammar, sentence structures and vocabulary support are examples of three common elements that need attention and focus.



Connect your University or College directly to students, anywhere they are.

Build an online campus to connect students with teachers and tutors.

Offer human grading services, connect remediation strategies, a full service cloud college is ready to launch. Help students to write better with a ready to deploy online campus.

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